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By Bro. Freeman Montaque, Jr.

Our Family trees are not the same,
we both have a different mother
And yet I'd proudly tell the world
that this man is my Brother.
It's like we've lived our lives together,
though we meet for the first time
As this powerful sense of Brotherhood
makes everything seem fine.
Spectators stand and look with awe
as we do our secret shake,
Never realizing that this clasping of hands
does not a Brother make.

We are Brothers in a deeper sense
than they can comprehend,
For when our bond has just begun,
theirs are about to end.
When we were searching for the light,
as all Sphinxmen must do,
They stood aside and laughed out loud,
"I wouldn't do that! Would You?
and yet when we had crossed those sands
and the light we could finally see,
They stood aside and whispered softly,
"Oh how I wish it were me!"
I know the decision I made was wise,
of this I'm sure and have no doubt
Each day in my life will have blue skies,
for I'm an Alpha from here on out.
And never again will I be lonely
for I have Brothers everywhere,

In cities of population two,
I even have a Brother there.
There is nothing in this whole wide world
that we wouldn't do for one another
I'm sure I'd even give my life
to save that of my Brother.
But there are still those in darkness
who cannot understand
Why I would share the burden
which belongs to another man.
When asked,
"Why weigh yourself down with the load of another?"
I simply smile at them and say,
"He ain't heavy...he's my Brother!"

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