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By Bro. Sydney P. Brow

GOODWILL is the monarch of this house.  Men, unacquainted, enter,
shake hands, exchange greetings, and depart friends.  Cordiality exists
among all who abide within.

I am the eminent expression of friendship.  Character and temperament
change under my dominant power.  Lives once touched by me become tuned
and are therefore amiable, kindly, fraternal.

I inspire the musician to play noble sentiments and assist the chemist to
convert ungenerous personalities into individuals of great worth.  I destroy
all ignoble impulses.  I constantly invoke principles which make for common
brotherhood and the echo responds in all communities and princely men are
thereby recognized.  Education, health, music, encouragement, sympathy,
laughter - all these are species of interest given on self-invested capital.

Tired moments find me a delightful treat, hours of sorrow, a shrine of
understanding - at all times, I am faithful to the creed of companionship.

To a few, I am the castle of dreams - ambitious, successful, hopeful dreams.
To many, I am the poetic palace where human feeling is rhymed to celestial
motives; to the great majority, I am the treasury of good fellowship.

In fact, I am the college of friendship, the university of brotherly love;
the school for the better making of men.

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