President's Message


Welcome to the 420th House of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc! On behalf of the Kappa Alpha Chapter, I want to express gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to visit our official website. As you visit our proud home at The University of Alabama in which we call "The Capstone", we hope we will be able to contribute something in which will help you get one step closer to your goals and dreams. Forty-one years after our founding, the Kappa Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha maintains a rich legacy of developing leaders, promoting academic excellence, and providing service to our community. Developing leaders is not only for the development of our Brothers, but also for ALL men, women, and children of our communities. Here at the 420th House of Alpha we believe that “Through Striving We Shall Achieve; Through Achieving We Shall Succeed!” We would also like to pay tribute to our distinguished Seven Jewels who set the foundation for this great Fraternity and have led us to what and who we are today. Finally, we would like to acknowledge all Brothers of Alpha who adhere to the aims of our dear Fraternity: Manly deeds, Scholarship, and Love for all Mankind. Our beloved brother Dr. Cornel West once said, “You can't lead the people if you don't love the people. You can't save the people if you don't serve the people.” Here at the Capstone, we exemplify these words through KA, Knowledge and Achievement!

God Bless,


- Scott Mitchell